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Hey, nice to hear some good response and nice to see some new followers. Thank you, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest news for the new channel coming soon then be sure to stay tuned and follow me. I'll update you ...Read more
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Macaulay Reiss Spedding added a new post 2 years ago
I'm considering opening a new YouTube channel, I've done it before but this time I want to do it properly and original. Any suggestions or advice?
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Macaulay Reiss Spedding

17 Years Old. Full-Time Scholarship at Accrington Stanley FC and Model.

About me

I'm in the process of making a new YouTube channel! Check it out: I'm currently on a full-time scholarship with Accrington Stanley FC, I'm also a model and a student. Social Links: Facebook: Macaulay Reiss Spedding - Twitter: @CaulaySpeds - Instagram: macaulay_reiss_spedding - Snapchat: CaulaySnaps Business: To enquire about anything you can email me at: To directly book me for modelling go to this link here: