If videogames are the source of violence, then tell me: what games were the Spartans playing?


£ ([{<Awesoman>}]) £ Hey! What's up everyone! I'm Alpha Awesoman and this is my Infinity account! Ok, so what I primarily do here is I love to build and share my Pixel Art. It's one of the many hobbies I enjoy doing. You may see me do some other things too. I also like to play videogames, create videogames, play TCG (Trading Card Games), draw, write stories, and the list goes on. However, I think my main focus here is sharing my pixel art. I do take requests for pixel art. If you have a request, don't be afraid to tell me. I'll be glad to build it. Though, I'm just a human being, so I only ask that you be patient until I finish it because I may already have a list of other requests or your request is just taking a while to build. Don't feel discouraged by that. Feel free to request at any time. All I ask for in return is your patience. Like I said, I have many hobbies, and I show interest in many things, so I support many things throughout the internet. I love to show support and help people. In fact, I do a follow for follow, so if you follow me, I'll follow you back as a sign of my thanks. Of course, I'll probably follow or be a part of things I support even if they don't support me back. That's because well, I like what they're doing. I'm also a firendly guy. Don't be afraid to socialize with me. I love making new friends, but I can only be your friend if you're willing to talk to me. So yeah! We can talk, hang out, become friends, drink coffee, and support each other. It's always great to make new friends! Beware! I'm also really crazy. Occasionally I post something completely weird or confusing! That's me unleashing my wild side... Well, thats actually just me acting stupid... It's fun to be random! Pixel Art This is some of the best pixel art I've built: Other Social Medias You can also follow me here: Facebook: Google+: Well, anyway, I'm going to shut up and end this About Me section here. Thank you so much for your time! If you like me and my work, be sure to hit that follow button as hard as you possibly can, and I will see you all later!